Immigration and Naturalization Services

RISNW is a recognized agency with trained, accredited staff approved by the US Department of Justice, Office of Legal Access Programs, to provide a range of legal immigration & naturalization services.


RISNW assists eligible refugees and asylees to:

  • Adjust their status to permanent resident. Services include assistance completing the application form, referral the civil surgeon for a medical exam and other required steps to complete the process.

  • Request/obtain lost or replacement documents.

  • Obtain or renew work permits (employment authorization) for parolees and asylees until they obtain permanent residency (green card).

  • Provide help with other immigration related forms.


RISNW helps qualified permanent residents apply for US Citizenship. Includes help for minor children where at least one parent is a US citizen.

  • Screen for eligibility for Naturalization as well as fee waivers and disability exception.

  • Assist in the completion of the N400 form as well as fee waiver and disability exception forms.

  • Provide study guides / materials and refer to RISNW citizenship classes.

  • Offer Citizenship classes held twice a weekly.

  • Referral to an approved medical provider (available on site at RISNW by appointment) to screen and complete the disability exception.

  • Help complete the biometric (fingerprinting) requirement including interpretation and translation as needed.

  • Interview preparation and, as needed, assist at the interview.

  • Follow up.

Find RISNW staff at Citizenship Days Outreach Events or at one of our locations in Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties.

Immigration and Naturalization Services are funded through grants from One America Washington New Americans Program and Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance.